How to Prevent a Phone Charger from Breaking  

7Nowadays, almost everybody possesses cell phones of different kinds and designs. The basic functions of calling and sending short messages and even pictures to someone can be performed using a cell phone.  With the kind of technology that we have today, smart phones and tablets have evolved into something that most people would want or would desire to have because of the more convenient and more high technology functions that these gadgets and its accessories can provide for a person which is more than calling and sending short messages and pictures to other people. Almost all activities can be done using a smart phone like the different versions of smartphones. You can perform gaming, social networking, shopping, buying online, reading books, sending emails, chatting and other transactions that are not possible to take place on your cell phones, smart phones and tablets. Since these gadgets are battery operated meaning that they have a life span that can last for couple of days, a use of charger is necessary to keep the gadget in operation mode. For example, for iphone 5, a charger is needed to keep its battery running so that you could use this phone properly like other smart phones.


It is noticed by most people that the wire of most smart phone chargers is usually the ones that breaks easily because the cover of the wires is somewhat soft and elastic. If you try to charge your smart phone with its iphone 5 cable charger, you would have to insert the adapter and remove it after charging. The wire near the adapter loosens up for sometime because you try to insert and pull it out occasionally.


To prevent this from happening and to prevent the wire from loosening up and eventually breaking it, you can get the small spring that can be found inside a pen. Read more about it at Open the pen then pull out the ink case and the spring will also fallout from inside the pen case. When you already have the spring, you could install this on the wire near the adapter by inserting the wire on the spring so that the body of the wire will follow the spring.


As a result, the spring will be the protective covering of the wire thus the wire will be prevented from loosening or from breaking regardless of how many times you use your apple charger.

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